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Self Propelled Boats:

  • Kayaks: $35.00/HR for two person kayak. $25.00 an hour for one person kayak.

  • Canoes: $35.00/HR for a three person canoe.

  • Pedal Boats: $35.00/HR for a two person pedal boat.

  • No age restriction!!!

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Pontoon Boats

We have 10 Pontoon Boats. These boats can seat up to 18 people. They are very easy to drive and very stable. There is no age restriction for passengers on these boats. Now, this is important we have a speed limiter on the pontoons for safety reasons. It limits your speed to about 10-15 mph. PLEASE DO NOT TAMPER WITH THE SPEED LIMITERS!!!


  • The Pontoon Boats rent for $150.00/HR for 10 or less people. If you have more than 10 people it is $15.00 dollars per person. Your children count as passengers, although children get half price if they are under 2 years old.

  • There are no discounts for these boats on Sundays!

If you are interested in Pontoon Boat Sales:

Go to our "New Boats" tab 

Call us at: (845)-583-1000 (work)

                  (561)-254-7666 (cell)

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Speed Boats:

We have Speed Boats that seat 7 people maximum (including driver). These boats can go up to 40 mph. These boats are used to pull our bananas, water skiiers and wake boarders. We also use them to give speedboat rides (which is with our own driver). Our Drivers are New York State Liscensed Boat Captains.

The speedboats ARE NOT available to be rented for the general public. Please don't ask.

There ARE NO discounts on Sundays. Please don't ask us.

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Banana Boats:

We have 3 Bananas. They each seat 5 people.

  • The bananas passenger is $100.00 per half hour. 

  • There is no age restriction to ride the bannanas.

  • The bannanas are so much fun!

  • Note. You must bring a spotter on the speed boat while pulling the banana, and they must be 14 years or older. Also, there can not be more than 8 people total. On the banana and boat including the driver.

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Water Skiing/Wake Boarding

We provide the boat, the driver, and all the equipment for water sports.

Both services are $100.00 per half hour.

We also provide expert instruction for both sports.

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